About us

FORTE Vannkraft AS and FORTE Energy Norway AS is an industrial developer and owner of
hydropower in Norway. We build, own and operate small- and medium-scale hydropower in Norway
in close cooperation with landowners with privately owned water rights. The portfolio consists of a
total of 42 hydropower projects in various stages, with a total of 330 GWh in production and
additional 150 GWh under construction. With a fully developed portfolio FORTE will cover the annual
electricity needs of over 43 000 Norwegian households.

FORTE Vannkraft is 100% owned by Fontavis FORTE Hydro S.à.r.l, an investment fund who invest in
onshore and offshore wind power, solar power, district heating and energy efficiency. The fund is
managed by SWISS Life Asset Management AG.

FORTE Energy Norway AS owns most of the operating hydropower plants. FORTE Energy Norway
owns 66% of Fontavis FORTE Hydro S.à.r.l and 34% of CLOUDBERRY Production AS. Today FORTE
Energy Norway AS consist of 14 operational plants with a mean annual production of 235 GWh.

FORTE Vannkraft and FORTE Energy are located with their head office in Oslo, with 5 full-time
employees. We use patented bore hole technology to steer directional tunnel drilling, a pioneering
and environment friendly method for safe waterway construction. When the power plant is
commissioned we use local operational personnel and together with modern systems we provide
reel-time monitoring of the production.