About us

FORTE Vannkraft AS is an industrial developer and owner of hydropower in Norway. We build, own and operate small- and medium-scale hydropower in Norway in close cooperation with landowners with privately owned water rights.

FORTE Vannkraft AS (formerly OBOS Energi AS) is wholly owned by FONTAVIS, an investment management company based in Switzerland that invests in renewable energy and infrastructure across Europe. Hydropower is one of the cornerstones of its investment strategy complementing existing and planned investments in onshore and offshore wind power, solar power, district heating and energy efficiency. Please visit www.fontavis.com to learn more about FONTAVIS.

FORTE Vannkraft has multiple powerplants in operation and under construction. Parts of the operating portfolio are placed in FORTE Energy Norway AS. FORTE Energy Norway are owned 66% by FONTAVIS and 34% by CLOUDBERRY Clean Energy.